The Junior Washington Chorus provides 15-20 high-school aged students with choral opportunities beyond the scope of regular school programs. JWC members fully participate in the Chorus and receive additional musical training with Artistic Director Christopher Bell and the TWC educational staff. This training occurs before the regularly scheduled Chorus rehearsals and encourages the study of music theory and aural skills in relation to the current repertoire.

Singers interested in expanding their musical horizons and demonstrating musical promise are invited to audition from May through September. For more information, please call the TWC office: 202.342.6221

Tuition for JWC is $290/singer
Some scholarships may be available.

September through December on Monday evenings:
6:45-7:30 pm JWC rehearses
7:30-9:00 JWC joins TWC in rehearsals
Location: National Presbyterian Church